Frequently asked questions regarding Seychelles ferries - Seychelles ferry: Mahe - Praslin - La Digue

Frequently asked questions regarding Seychelles ferries:

I want to go from Mahé to La Digue (or vice versa).
Are there only the indicated direct connections or can I also go at other timings?

Apart from the direct ferries, there are also connections via Praslin. The ferries are generally coordinated, but at times you may have to wait on Praslin for your onward connection.
If you arrive from Mahé and wish to continue to La Digue, 15 minutes transfer time will be sufficient. The Cat Rose ferry will wait for all connecting passengers.
For details of all connections please see the timetables of Cat Cocos and Cat Rose ferries.

When should I book?
Please do yourself a favor and book as early as possible! Short-term bookings are possible, but for organizational reasons we can not 100 % guarantee that the seats are really available if booked on very short notice.
Kindly note: Our tickets may be cancelled or modified up to 72 hours before departure, without fee. So you risk nothing by booking well in advance.
Ferries are often fully booked or the desired booking class is no longer available. This wouldn't be a good start for your Seychelles holidays, right? So please book as far in advance as possible!

How do I book? And can I book several ferries at the same time and pay only once?
We have an easy shopping cart system. So you start by choosing the first ferry (for example, Mahe-Praslin). Click on "Book now" and then you enter the travel date, select the departure time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers. You will then see this ferry trip in the shopping cart.

Next, do not click on "Pay", but instead you select the following trip (for example, Praslin-La Digue) from the "Online Booking" menu on top of the web page.
Click on "Book now", again select departure date/time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers.
As a result, you will see the two selected trips (Mahe-Praslin and Praslin-La Digue) in the shopping cart.
Then select the next trip (for example, La Digue-Mahe) in the "Online Booking" menu and proceed as before.

You may always make changes to the individual journeys directly in the shopping cart by clicking on the pencil symbol. To delete a trip from the shopping cart click the cross. If all ferry trips in the shopping cart are correct, then tick the box "Accept our terms and conditions" and click "Pay" to enter your credit card information in the next step. As an alternative, please give us a call to pay by bank transfer at this stage.

How long does the crossing take?
The ferries generally leave very punctually. Expect the following crossing times:
Mahé - Praslin or vice versa, with Cat Cocos fast ferry: 1 hour
Mahé - La Digue or vice versa, with Cat Cocos fast ferry: 1.5 hours
Praslin - La Digue or vice versa, with Cat Rose fast ferry: 15-20 minutes

I will arrive at the airport at X o'clock. Can I reach the ferry at Y o'clock?
Calculate with 45 to 60 minutes for immigration procedures and baggage delivery, then about 15-20 minutes by taxi to the port, traffic permitting.
You should be at the ferry jetty at least 15 minutes before departure to allow for luggage check-in and collection of the pre-printed tickets. The check-in of the ferry ends 5 minutes before departure.

I have not received my ticket vouchers yet!
You have received your vouchers immediately after the successful payment. Please check your spam folder.

My flight is delayed. What do I do now?
In case of delayed/cancelled flights, any request to modify a reservation must be received within 2 hours from the time the airline issues notice of flight delay/cancellation. Contact information can be found on your voucher. In reality, this means that if you know before takeoff, you must inform. If it's an inflight delay, that usually will not be possible and everyone will understand that. So in general if your flight is delayed, you will then usually be put on the next available ferry, without surcharge. Over the years, this has been handled by the ferry companies without any problems. However, there is no entitlement to a free change.

Do I have to print the vouchers?
For Cat Cocos tickets, it's generally sufficient to show the voucher on your mobile phone. For the Cat Rose ferry between Praslin and La Digue we recommend a printout.

I am planning to fly from Praslin back to Mahe. When do I have to leave La Digue to get to Praslin airport in time?
You must check-in at Praslin Airport at least 1 hour before departure. This means that you should leave La Digue about 2 hours before, because you have to take a taxi (about 15-20 minutes, 30 Euros) from the Praslin jetty to the airport.
If you take the ferry from Praslin to Mahe instead of the flight, you will save time and money.

I do not have a credit card or wish to pay by bank transfer. What do I do?
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please send us an e-mail with all information about your trip: date, route, time, class and full names of all passengers (with date of birth for children).
We will then send you the detailed offer, along with our bank account details.

How much baggage may I bring on board?
SeyFerry has a special deal with the ferry company. You may bring:
Economy class: 30 kg free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (2 € per kg).
Business class: 40 kg free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (2 € per kg).
Additionally, 1 piece of cabin luggage with dimensions not exceeding 50x30x20 cm is allowed.
The above applies to all ticket categories, even to free babies' tickets.
*) Note: The special sports equipment allowance does not apply to bags (e.g. golf and diving) but to sport equipment like surf boards, SUP or canoe / kayak and sails only!
For bicycles the price is 100 SCR per bike and trip, payable on site.
Luggage regulations are subject to change.