Inter Island Ferry: Information, prices, schedule, etc. for the Cat Rose ferry in the Seychelles. Easy island hopping between Praslin and La Digue - Seychelles ferry: Mahe - Praslin - La Digue

with "Cat Rose" ferries:

These fast catamarans travel the distance between Praslin and La Digue in a scenic 15 minutes trip. There are up to 8 connections daily, perfect for island hopping!


The price is 14 Euros for adults and half for children 02-12 years old. Infants below 2 years travel free.
If you book at the jetty you will pay more.

Please note: You may modify or cancel our tickets up to 24 hours before departure, without penalty! Details below and in our general conditions of sale.
In addition: No problem in case of delayed flights - with our tickets you can take the next ferry, without penalty!


There are no booking classes on the Cat Rose ferries.
You decide on site, whether you prefer to sit in the climatized cabin below or rather on the upper deck outside.


Departure timings are currently as follows, until the Corona/COVID situation is over:

Schedule Cat Rose: Praslin - La Digue - Praslin
In case the Cat Cocos ferry from Mahé would be running late (which it rarely does), please don't worry: the Cat Rose will wait for all connecting passengers booked to La Digue.

How long does the crossing take?
Praslin - La Digue or vice versa: 15-20 minutes

Question: "Taking the 10:30 hrs ferry from Mahe to Praslin, is there enough time to catch the connecting ferry at 11:45 Uhr from Praslin to La Digue?"
Answer: "Yes, that's no problem at all. You will arrive on Praslin at 11:30 hrs, there is enough time to change ferries. Please do not worry, in case of a – very rare – delay by Cat Cocos, the Cat Rose from Praslin to La Digue will be waiting for connecting passengers coming from Mahe."


Same as with Cat Cocos, our clients have a 30 kgs luggage allowance.
Additionally, you may take hand luggage.


The "Cat Rose" ferry from Praslin to La Digue departs from the same jetty on Praslin where the "Cat Cocos" from Mahé arrives. Easy.
On La Digue, you can't possibly miss the jetty either.


Please go to our online booking page and book there, using your credit card for payment. For your safety, this site is SSL (128-bit) encrypted.
Our booking page has an easy shopping cart system. So you start by choosing the first ferry (for example, Mahe-Praslin). Click on "Book now" and then you enter the travel date, select the departure time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers. You will then see this ferry trip in the shopping cart.

Next, do not click on "Pay", but instead you select the following trip (for example, Praslin-La Digue) from the "Online Booking" menu on top of the web page.
Click on "Book now", again select departure date/time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers.
As a result, you will see the two selected trips (Mahe-Praslin and Praslin-La Digue) in the shopping cart.
Then select the next trip (for example, La Digue-Mahe) in the "Online Booking" menu and proceed as before.

You may always make changes to the individual journeys directly in the shopping cart by clicking on the pencil symbol. To delete a trip from the shopping cart click the cross. If all ferry trips in the shopping cart are correct, then tick the box "Accept our terms and conditions" and click "Pay" to enter your credit card information in the next step. As an alternative, please give us a call to pay by bank transfer at this stage.

We also gladly accept bank transfers to our account in the Seychelles or in Germany. Please send us a message before (!) starting the booking process if you prefer to pay with bank transfer.

After having finished the booking process, you will immediately receive a voucher from us which guarantees your bookings and seats, along with all necessary information and pictures about where to check in, etc.



If you haven't yet exchanged your voucher against boarding cards at the ferry jetty, it is sufficient to notify us 24 hours before departure for a full refund.
However, if you already made the first leg of the trip (that will usually be Praslin - La Digue) and received the ticket for the return trip, then you must cancel this return trip at least 48 hours before departure by email to us, notify the ferry company Inter Island Ferry directly and return the unused ticket to them. 

Changing of your departure date or time is easy (provided there are seats available for the new timings) and the change comes at no extra cost. Please contact either us or the ferry company directly, you will find contact details on your voucher and on the ticket.


Please note: Although we make every effort to keep things up-to-date, everything here - especially prices and schedules - is subject to change without prior notice!