Cat Cocos: Information, prices, schedule, etc. for the Cat Cocos ferry in the Seychelles. Easy island hopping between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. - Seychelles ferry: Mahe - Praslin - La Digue

MAHE - PRASLIN - LA DIGUE with "Cat Cocos" ferries:

There are 3 ferry connections daily between Mahe and Praslin, and 1 to 3 direct connections between Mahe and La Digue.
The Cat Cocos ferries from Mahe to La Digue and vice versa usually only involve a short stopover on Praslin and there is no need to change ferries.
These ferries are ideal for island hopping.

If you would like to travel between Mahe and La Digue on other than the timings with a direct Cat Cocos connection, then you have to change ferries on Praslin. Easy enough.
All connections are bookable online here.



Please note: You may modify or cancel our tickets up to 48 hours before departure, without penalty! Details below and in our general conditions of sale.
In addition: No problem in case of delayed flights - with our tickets you can take the next ferry, without penalty!

Economy class:
The price for Mahe - Praslin is 50 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 25 € (one-way).
The price for Mahe - La Digue is 60 € for adults (one-way) in the main cabin. Children 02-12 years old only pay 30 € (one-way).
There is a surcharge for "upper deck" class of 5 € per passenger (both adults and children), regardless of the destination.

Business class:
The price for Mahe - Praslin is 70 € for adults (one-way). Children 02-12 years old only pay 40 € (one-way).
The price for Mahe - La Digue is 80 € for adults (one-way). Children 02-12 years old only pay 45 € (one-way).



There are 3 booking classes available: Economy Main Cabin (called "Coco De Mer" class), Economy Upper Cabin ("Island Hopper") and Business class ("Lazio Lounge").
For pictures explaining the position of the different classes please see on top of this page, in the picture gallery and for a general overview here.


The current ferry schedule (click on it to enlarge or download):

Schedule subject to changes, without prior notice

The ferries generally leave very punctually. Expect the following crossing times:
Mahé - Praslin or vice versa: 1 hour
Mahé - La Digue or vice versa: 1.5 hours

Some popular questions:
"My flight arrives at the airport at 06:30 hrs. Can I take the ferry to Praslin at 07:30 hrs?"
"My Ethiopian Airways flight arrives at the airport at 15:30 hrs. Can I take the ferry at 16:30 hrs?"

Sorry to say, in both cases the answer is "No". You have to calculate 45 to 60 minutes for immigration and waiting time at the luggage carousel. Then it's a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes by (speeding) taxi to the ferry terminal. Often it will take longer, depending on traffic. The check-in for the ferry ends 5 minutes before departure. So sorry, but that won't work out.

But: "My flight arrives at the airport at 05:45 hrs. Can I take the ferry to Praslin or La Digue at 07:30 hrs?"
Answer: "That should be OK if your flight isn't delayed much. By taxi, you should arrive at the jetty at around 07:00 hrs."

In any case, we recommend to start discovering Mahé first before heading out to the other islands of Praslin and La Digue. Get the feel and swing of the Seychelles slowly. That's best done on Mahé, we find.

Question: "Taking the 10:30 hrs ferry from Mahe to Praslin, is there enough time to catch the connecting ferry at 11:45 Uhr from Praslin to La Digue?"
Answer: "Yes, that's no problem at all. You will arrive on Praslin at 11:30 hrs, there is enough time to change ferries. Please do not worry, in case of a – very rare – delay by Cat Cocos, the Cat Rose from Praslin to La Digue will be waiting for connecting passengers coming from Mahe."

At departure: "Can I take the ferry leaving Praslin at 13:00 hrs if I fly out with Ethiopian at 16:20 hrs?"
Answer: "Transfer time and luggage distribution at the ferry take their time. You'll have to take an earlier ferry."

If you are unsure - just ask us! We are Seychelles experts with many years of experience and we will gladly advise you.
Please check our FAQs for further information.



a) By taxi or rental car. A taxi will cost you - depending on your negotiation skills - between 30 and 35 Euros.
b) By shuttle bus from / to Mahé International Airport:
We offer a bus shuttle between Mahe airport and the ferry jetty. The shuttle leaves from the airport at 09:00 and 15:00 hrs, going directly to the ferry jetty. On Sundays there is an additional shuttle bus at 08:00 hrs. From the harbour to the airport, the bus leaves after the ferry arrival. We need to know your flight details please when you book the shuttle bus.
This shuttle bus transfer costs 10 € for adults and 5 € for children (one-way).
Approximate travel time between the airport and the jetty is 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic.



SeyFerry has a special deal with the ferry company. You may bring:
Economy class: 30 kg free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (2 € per kg).
Business class: 40 kg free allowance + 15 kgs extra for special sports equipment *). Excess luggage is payable (2 € per kg).
Additionally, 1 piece of cabin luggage with dimensions not exceeding 50x30x20 cm is allowed.
The above applies to all ticket categories, even to free babies' tickets.
*) Note: The special sports equipment allowance does not apply to bags (e.g. golf and diving) but to sport equipment like surf boards, SUP or canoe / kayak and sails only!
For bicycles the price is 100 SCR per bike and trip, payable on site.
Luggage regulations are subject to change.



Please go to our online booking page and book there, using your credit card. For your safety, this site is SSL (128-bit) encrypted.
Our booking page has an easy shopping cart system. So you start by choosing the first ferry (for example, Mahe-Praslin). Click on "Book now" and then you enter the travel date, select the departure time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers. You will then see this ferry trip in the shopping cart.

Next, do not click on "Pay", but instead you select the following trip (for example, Praslin-La Digue) from the "Online Booking" menu on top of the web page.
Click on "Book now", again select departure date/time and on the next page the class and the number of passengers.
As a result, you will see the two selected trips (Mahe-Praslin and Praslin-La Digue) in the shopping cart.
Then select the next trip (for example, La Digue-Mahe) in the "Online Booking" menu and proceed as before.

You may always make changes to the individual journeys directly in the shopping cart by clicking on the pencil symbol. To delete a trip from the shopping cart click the cross. If all ferry trips in the shopping cart are correct, then tick the box "Accept our terms and conditions" and click "Pay" to enter your credit card information in the next step. As an alternative, please give us a call to pay by bank transfer at this stage.

We also gladly accept bank transfers to our account in the Seychelles or in Germany. Please send us a message before (!) starting the booking process if you prefer to pay with bank transfer.

After having finished the booking process, you will immediately receive a voucher from us which guarantees your bookings and seats, along with all necessary information and pictures about where to check in, etc.
For Cat Cocos tickets it is not required to print out the ticket. The representatives will have your names on their internal booking lists for each Cat Cocos service booked through us. So it is sufficient to show the ticket e.g. on your mobile phone.


PLEASE BOOK AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE, TO AVOID BOOKED-OUT FERRIES! We cannot 100% guarantee confirmation of your booking if it is made less than 72 hours before departure (96 hours on weekends), even if you received your voucher. This is due to the communication time necessary between us and the ferry companies. We usually work 7 days a week, but the ferry companies don't. So again: we recommend to make your bookings as far in advance as possible.



Boarding starts 30 minutes before departure time and the boarding gate closes 5 minutes before departure.
We cannot be held liable for any changes in fares or schedule.
If you miss the La Digue/Mahe or Mahe/La Digue trip, you may only use your ticket on the Praslin/Mahe or Mahe/Praslin leg. Alternative transfers between Praslin and La Digue will have to be settled by you directly with Inter Island Ferries (Cat Rose).
The change trip policy stipulated on the actual tickets does not supersede the changes and modifications under this clause.

If you cancel, amend or change a booking

You may modify your ferry booking at any time, up to 48 hours before departure, without penalty, provided that the ticket(s), once issued, are returned to the Cat Cocos Sales office at least 48 hours before the original departure date/time. Should a change in travel fall within a higher price category, you will be charged the difference in fare. Within 48 hours of departure, only one date/time change is permitted free of charge, provided that the ticket(s), once issued, are returned to the Cat Cocos Sales office before the original departure date/time. Additional changes will be considered a cancellation and subject to a 100% cancellation fee. All date/time changes are subject to availability. For booking cancellations, see the Cancellation Policy below.
You may contact the ferry company directly. Contact information will be detailed on your voucher which you will receive within a few minutes of making a booking.

Cancellation Policy

All ferry bookings cancelled more than 48 hours before departure will receive a full refund, paid directly from us, providing that the ticket(s), once issued, are returned to the Cat Cocos Sales office no less than 48 hours before the original departure date/time. For cancellations within 48 hours of departure, and for No-Shows (see below), tickets are 100% non-refundable; although one free date/time change may still be possible, subject to availability, providing that the ticket(s), once issued, are returned to the ferry office before the original departure date/time.

These cancellation policies override any of the ferry companies’ individual cancellation policies and all refunds will be made by us.

Should you fail to show up for a booked ferry service or other booking (e.g. shuttle bus) with other service providers, you will be considered as a 'No-Show'. In such cases, where no prior notification has given to the service provider, No-Shows will be considered as cancellations.

When notifying a ferry company of a cancellation or change directly, please copy the email to so that we can process your refund (if applicable). All necessary contact information is detailed on your voucher or in the email confirmation sent to you for your booking.

Please note: Although we make every effort to keep things up-to-date, everything here - especially prices and schedules - is subject to change without prior notice!